December 03, 2020

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Oman Broadband Company Signs an MoU with Nama Group to use Fiber Optic infrastructure.

In line with the successful partnerships between both the economic and development sectors within the Sultanate to achieve national objectives, Oman Broadband Company signs a strategic infrastructure agreement with Nama Group. The partnership will be carried through all the Electric Distribution Companies that belong to Nama Group. The success of this strategic partnership is a result of the ongoing collaboration between Nama Group, and Authority for Public Services Regulations from one end, and Oman Broadband Company, and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority from the other end.

The main objective of this partnership is to enable Oman Broadband Company to use the massive fiberoptic infrastructure that belongs to Nama Group including all infrastructure assets taking into consideration all operational and commercial inputs for both organizations. This partnership will give Oman Broadband the access to use the electric distribution lines across the Sultanate through which will enable it to reach more beneficiaries. It is worth mentioning that the project will be implemented at the highest levels of precaution & sustainable accuracy to ensure that the electricity network and its beneficiaries are not harmed.

This successful step will enable Oman Broadband in the implementation of the National Broadband Strategy that was directed by the Ministers Cabinet to Oman Broadband in 2013. Furthermore, this partnership is also in line with the Ministry of Finance circulation to all government bodies with regards to issuing guidelines that regulates the use of passive network infrastructure. These guidelines provided government organizations that own network infrastructure the opportunity to use the network and lease it to local internet service providers on open access biases.

Moreover, the utilization of Nama Group fiberoptic network will contribute towards avoiding double investments on similar projects as well as positively increase the pace of projects and achieves better financial returns and cost cutting. It is expected that this partnership will contribute towards saving at least OMR8-10,000 per kilometer using the infrastructure of Nama Group that goes for more than 74,000 kilometers.

This partnership will also empower Oman Broadband Company to accelerate the wide spread of broadband services across the Sultanate through adapting different technologies to achieve the National Broadband Strategy. Oman Broadband is currently working on hastening the spread of the fiberoptic network (FTTH) as well as using the latest Satellite technology for areas with low density.

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