July 15, 2020

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Corona proposed Contingency Plan

Letter to the Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications.

Dear Minister of Telecommunications

As the chair of Smart city committee in FTTH council MENA region, I have been greatly impressed by your efforts in the CORONA crisis, you are driving us to join these efforts and present our full support.

Having said that I am proposing the below contingency plan for your kind consideration.

  • Fast Radical Change in Digital Transformation in the governmental sector including:
    Radical Change in Business Automation
    Immediate action towards end users awareness  in public and private sector
  • Fast Deployment of broadband access including:
    Connect fast deployed P2P to Corona assigned Hospitals and Major schools
    Fast Deployed  FTTx and LTE sites in infected areas
    Deploy a unified platform for remote education and telemedicine
    Deploy smart wearables for suspicious cases 
    Apply A GIS-based system to locate and track the infected areas
  • Deploy Mobile trucks to be used for emergency medical tests and remote monitoring (telemedicine) 
  • Major Parties involved:Red-Cross/ MOH/ MOE
    Major technology vendors (Huawei/Nokia) as sponsors and vendors.

Proposed Funding:

VIP donations + Donation Campaigns from Media and other public and private companies/Sporting clubs/ Artists….

Therefore, We will be ready to support MOT/OGERO on behalf of smart city committee and FTTH council MENA to develop the above plan and initiatives.

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