September 30, 2020

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First time in the middle east deployment of Fiber in water pip technology

Oman Broadband, a state-owned open network infrastructure provider, always seeks to find practical solutions to provide high-speed Internet services to all regions of the Sultanate with high quality in line with international standards.

The technology development department within Oman Broadband are always on the hunt for latest technologies to assist in the delivery of FTTH service efficiently.  

Recently in collaboration with an Omani SME, Swift Beam, provided Atlantis Hidrotiec technology manufactured exclusively by CRALEY Group Limited, which allows the installation of fiber optic through water pipes without the need for excavations, that has the greatest impact on:

•       Reduction of excavation work in the homes of customers to almost zero. Thus, reducing the presence of installation workers in the customers’ home.
•       Better utilization of available resources.
•       Reduction of fiber installation time.
•       Reduction of noise and disturbance.
The fibre-in-water pipe technology is based on the insertion of a small diameter tube inside the emergency tanker pipe, which is used to fill the water tank by water tankers from the outer wall of the house to the roof of the house - or anywhere else that makes it easy to reach the house -  where the small tube is used to pass the fiber optic cable to the desired point from the roof to the inside of the house.

On Monday, December 26, 2018, for the first time in the Middle East, the technology was used to deliver Awaser 1GB internet package to one home in Al Hail North.

Engineer Bader bin Saud Al Zaidi, V. P of Technology and Commercial Affairs.commented Oman Broadband is always seeking innovative solutions that can provide the best solutions and practices used to serve customers. We hope that this technology (if it is adopted) will enable the speed of connecting subscribers in a record time while reducing noise and noise compared to the conventional methods. This is a great inconvenience to the user during the delivery process. I would like to thank the Water Authority for their response and support for the success of this experiment. As one of the innovative solutions for delivering broadband services to homes.

Ahmed Al Waili house owner said: " I would like to extend my gratitude to the Oman Broadband for using the technology in my home, that I noticed has reduced the time of internet connection and I am very proud to be the first customer in the Middle East to be served by this technology.
Commenting on the experience, Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Rawahi, Swift Beam Technology Manager, said: "We are delighted with the value added to Oman broadband connection mechanism, which is result of a strategic partnership between the public and private sectors because of its importance in enhancing local capabilities. "The keenness of the Oman Broadband Company to develop and improve the mechanisms of home connection process is the most important motive for us in the search process and to find the best global solutions and use them locally to improve the quality of provided services."


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