April 12, 2021

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FTTH Council MENA has created 4 committees which will supprot the council activities in terms of FTTH Market, Technology & Traning,  Regulation & Policy and Smart Cities Apps and Ops.

All members can participate in these committees to help the council promoting and accelerating the FTTH deployment in the MEAN region.

Market Development & Intelligence Committee

The Market Intelligence committee will be working on the latest FTTH market data and evolution in the countries of the MENA region. In addition it focuses on the FTTH market development in each country of the MENA region. 
The resulted reports and market studies will be a lobbying tool especially in the governmental institutions which will facilitate the national strategy decision making in some countries. 

Technology & Certified Training Committee

The Technology and Training Committee is an important pillar for promoting FTTH in the MENA region whereby can provide the council an advantage of presenting an agnostic view of the FTTH technology and the know-how through its training and certification activity.

Regulatory & Policy Committee

The Regulatory and Policy Committee follow and positively influence relevant policy and regulatory developments in the MENA region, that has an impact on broadband deployment in general and FTTH roll-out in particular.
It interacts with International entities on relevant topics of FTTH and Broadband policies.

Smart Cities Apps & Ops

The committee’s mission is to accelerate deployment of ultra high-speed FTTH – highlighting deployment approaches, applications and the benefits for Smart Cities, campuses and other real estate developments in the MENA region.

The committee has a number of objectives to support this mission with a practical and pragmatic focus:

· Promote the benefits of FTTH deployments within Smart Cities and other developments
· Share learnings on best-practice
· Promote understanding of applications 
· Provide estimates on market sizes and projections
· Influence Content companies to develop business cases and create value towards FTTH  
· Support the FTTH Council MENA in delivering compelling content at conferences
· Generate/promote white papers on FTTH and its role/benefits/returns in real estate deployments
· Network with other organisations and inter-industry experts

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