FTTH Council MENA! RSS Feed of FTTH Council MENA http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org <![CDATA[Council's statement at WTDC ITU 2014 - Dubai]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/councils-statement-at-wtdc-itu-2014--dubai?news_id=113 2014-04-11 FTTH Council MENA's participation and representation at the  WTDC 2014 ITU event under the theme 'Broadband for Sustainable Development' has been an impressive achievement initated by the council's chairman Dr Suleiman Al Hedaithy and Board member Mr Tony Al Makdissi. 

The Conference focused on development priorities and agreed on the programmes, projects and initiatives to implement them. The theme underlines ITU's commitment to leverage broadband as a catalyst to meet the goals of sustainable development.

The council's message and Chairman's statement was heard in the High-Level Segment on March 31, 2014 by around 1600 participants from the world. To download the statement click Here.

To watch the video click Here.

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<![CDATA[Sponsorship & Exhibition - Annual Event 2014]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/sponsorship-exhibition--annual-event-2014?news_id=112 2014-03-30 Book your booth and sponsor now for the 6th edition of FTTH Council MENA annual event, Dubai-UAE, 19-20 November 2014!
As usual our exhibition will also provide opportunities for networking among vendors, operators, consultants, and industry participants to help you generate new collaborations and valuable information around the next-generation technologies.  ]]>
<![CDATA[6th Edition FTTH Council MENA Annual Event]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/6th-edition-ftth-council-mena-annual-event?news_id=111 2014-03-20 "FTTH, The Rise of Smart Nation" is the 2014 theme for the 6th edition of FTTH Council MENA annual Conference and Exhibition. The evetn will be held in Dubai, UAE on 19 & 20 November 2014 with a pre-conference workshop on 18th November 2014. Save the Dates! 

<![CDATA[United Arab Emirates leads the 2013 Global FTTH Ranking ]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/united-arab-emirates-leads-the-2013-global-ftth-ranking?news_id=107 2014-02-22 Once again the United Arab Emirates leads the 2013 Global FTTH Ranking with an impressive 85% of homes subscribing to FTTH/B, followed by South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, with subscription rates ranging from 63% to 37%.

The results were announced at the annual event of FTTH Council Europe where FTTH council MENA Chairman Dr Suleiman Al Hedaithy took part of the Market panorama session on 19 February 2014. 


<![CDATA[Watch Now! FTTH MENA Documentary Clip]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/watch-now!-ftth-mena-documentary-clip?news_id=106 2013-12-09 Watch Now the documentary clip of FTTH Council MENA and learn more about the fibre-to the Home benetifs. Enjoy the movie clip in Arabic, English and French versions.