FTTH Council MENA! RSS Feed of FTTH Council MENA http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org <![CDATA[HE Dr. Ahmed Al-Futaisi inaugurates FTTH MENA Conference]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/he-dr-ahmed-al-futaisi-inaugurates-ftth-mena-conference?news_id=157 2015-11-10 The 7th Edition of the FTTH Council MENA Conference was inaugurated by HE Dr. Ahmed Al-Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications at the Grand Hyatt, Muscat on 10th November 2015.

Read the full press release here. 

<![CDATA[FCGA celebrates Gimme Fibre Day Today!]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/fcga-celebrates-gimme-fibre-day-today!?news_id=155 2015-11-04 The FTTH Council MENA and all other FCGA members wish you a Happy Gimme Fibre Day today!

Commemorating the birthday of Sir Kao, Physics Nobel Prize Winner for ground-breaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibres for optical communication, the FCGA celebrates Gimme Fibre Day today. 

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<![CDATA[ Save a seat at the MENA Conference workshops]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/save-a-seat-at-the-mena-conference-workshops?news_id=153 2015-09-17 Join us at the FTTH MENA 2015 Conference & Exhibition on 9 November for one of our our pre-conference workshops and/or the Oman Road Show. Book your seat now as spaces are limited!

All persons registered for the conference (register here) can also book their seat for the workshops sessions by sending an email to info@ftthcouncilmena.org and quoting "Registration Mini-MBA in FTTH" and/or "Registration Road Show Oman" or "Registration Technical Workshop". (Note the last two sessions are at the same time).

<![CDATA[World of Applications at MENA Conference]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/world-of-applications-at-mena-conference?news_id=154 2015-09-17 A new World of Applications area is dedicated to how fibre to the home enables new services and applications for both residential and business subscribers. On the first conference day, a special session will also take place in this dedicated area.

<![CDATA[2nd General Assembly- Save the Date!]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/2nd-general-assembly-save-the-date!?news_id=147 2015-06-22 Members of FTTH Council MENA are invited to save the Date and book their seat to attend the 2nd General Assembly.
The second General Assembly of the FTTH Council MENA will take place on 11 November 2015 in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman which will be held in conjunction of the 7th edition of the annual event. Members can book their seats now by confirming their attendance to  Ms Christine Beylouni, Director General of FTTH Council MENA.

<![CDATA[Leading Fiber Deployment ]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/leading-fiber-deployment?news_id=145 2015-05-28 Meet with our Company board member from Alcatel-Lucent to learn about the Gigabit projects worldwide. Interview published in May 2015 issue of Telecom Review. Read the article Here. 

<![CDATA[Patronage 7th Edition - Oman 2015]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/patronage-7th-edition--oman-2015?news_id=143 2015-05-01  FTTH Council MENA is honored to receive the Patronage of H.E. Dr Ahmed Al-Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications of Oman.

<![CDATA[Official Partnership Signature in Oman ]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/official-partnership-signature-in-oman?news_id=144 2015-05-01  FTTH Council MENA was pleased to attend the official signature ceremony in Oman between OBC, Omantel and Ooredoo under the patronage of H.E. Dr Al-Futaisi, Minister of Transport & Communications.

This partnership signature will enable the operators to use the national broadband network and develop further applications and smart services. Read More

<![CDATA[FTTH The quickening pace of change]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/latest-news/ftth-the-quickening-pace-of-change?news_id=146 2015-04-28 Meet with our Company board member from OFS to learn about the latest Fiber solutions. Interview published in April 2015 issue of Telecom Review. Read the article Here.