FTTH Council MENA! RSS Feed of FTTH Council MENA http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org <![CDATA[Showcasing a brighter future]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/showcasing-a-brighter-future?events_id=32 Meet FTTH Council MENA in the annual event of its sister council FTTH Council Europe in Stockholm, Sweden from 18 to 20 February 2014. For more information do not hesitate to contact us. 

<![CDATA[FTTH 2014 LATAM Conference]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/ftth-2014-latam-conference?events_id=33 http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/ftth-2014-latam-conference?events_id=33 <![CDATA[The 11th Convergence Summit]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/the-11th-convergence-summit?events_id=25 Arab Advisors Group announces the 11th Convergence Summit to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel - Amman on June 2 & 3, 2014 with the support of FTTH Council MENA.


<![CDATA[FTTH Council APAC 2014 Conference]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/ftth-council-apac-2014-conference?events_id=11 In its 9th year, the FTTH Conference & Expo is the biggest event for the FTTH industry in Asia and will be held from June 3 to 5 in 2014 at the Equatorial Hotel, Penang.More than 600 attendees from the entire FTTH industry chain – including telecom equipment manufacturers, broadband service providers, technology companies and any other industry stakeholder interested in the area of fibre access networks will be attending.

Over a three-day conference, the FTTH Conference & Expo will feature FTTH presentations, streamed workshops, keynote insights and industry-led panel discussions that will cover FTTH marketing, development, technologies, innovation and market developments / trends of Fibre to the Home in Asia.

<![CDATA[14th GSR - ITU ]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/14th-gsr--itu?events_id=36 Global Symposium for Regulators 2014

Capitalizing on the potential of the digital world -  

FTTH Council MENA will be attending The 14th GSR will take place in Manama, Bahrain from 3 to 5 June 2014. 

Under the overarching theme of “Capitalizing on the potential of the digital world“participants will examine ways to ensure that the full array of benefits of the digital world is brought to all citizens of the world in an informed, responsive and safe manner. Undoubtedly, this can be achieved only through effective and smart regulation targeted at empowering consumers, redefining responsibilities and creating the conditions for a data driven economy to flourish.

]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/14th-gsr--itu?events_id=36 <![CDATA[FTTH Council Americas 2014 Conference]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/ftth-council-americas-2014-conference?events_id=34 Faster. Better. Now!
The fiber industry is growing.The 2014 FTTH Conference & Expo, presented by the FTTH Council Americas, is the best place to experience the explosive evolution of Fiber to the Home techniques, applications, and advancements. More than 1500 attendees will gather for three days of networking, education, and exhibits built to provide you with best practices and the time-tested solutions. ]]>
<![CDATA[Gitex 2014]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/gitex-2014?events_id=37  

In association with GITEX 2014, FTTH Council MENA will be providing 2 days workshops on 13 and 14 October to discuss the strategies of FTTH deployment and infrastructure.

Visit our booth in GulfComms number Z-H22 on the 13 and 14 october to attend the following workshops:

Strategy of FTTH deployment - Richard Jones, Smart Cities Committee Chair
Fiber to the Home is the ultimate technology for delivering fast communications but developing the right business case through to delivering the right services is very difficult.  How should smart cities integrate and run these networks?  How should operators deploy fibre access networks - what is best practice and what the potential mistakes are.
From smart cities and developments to the toughest markets in the world - the best practice in what works... and what doesn't.

FTTH the Infrastructure Technology - Gamal Hegazy, Technology & Training Committee Chair
FTTx Architectures and different solutions to reach the customer with Fiber Technology evolution and investment models associated.
This session will discuss different regulatory models for FTTH and the way to approach regulation NextGen Broadband.
FTTH unbundling will be discussed and highlighted on how to open the Access  network for sharing.
Virtual unbundling and Bitstream and physical unbundling will be highlighted.
Unbundling inside Building and different approaches.
NGA recommendations from EU countries 

FTTH Regulation in the MENA region - Christine Beylouni, Director General,  Regulatory & Policy Committee Chair

This session will present the analysis conducted so far about the regulatory environment of broadband in the MENA general and FTTH/B in particular targeting the major FTTH countries. It will include the relevant regulatory measures and policies in each country and a comparison of regulatory approaches taken by those targeted countries in MENA as well as by other major countries: EU, US, Singapore. 

For more information and to register send an email now to info@ftthcouncilmena.org

<![CDATA[Advanced Cable Middle East 2015 ]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/advanced-cable-middle-east-2015?events_id=39 This event will provide a detailed understanding of the Middle East wire and cable industry and identify the growth areas ripe for investment.

The conference examines the drivers for demand and the opportunities in fiber optic cables, advanced power transmission, construction and building infrastructure.

<![CDATA[FTTH Europe Conference 2015]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/ftth-europe-conference-2015?events_id=38  FTTH Council MENA will be participating in FTTH Europe annual event in Warsaw from 10 to 12 February. Dr Suleiman Al-Hedaithy, Chairman will be speaking in the global FTTH market panel on 11 February to represent the MENA region.

FTTH Council MENA will be also present in the exhibition Booth G4. Visit us there and learn more about the latest news and activities.

<![CDATA[ITU Regional Development Forum for Arab States]]> http://www.ftthcouncilmena.org/home/events/itu-regional-development-forum-for-arab-states?events_id=42 FTTH Council MENA will be participating in the ITU Regional Development Forum for the Arab States on "Broadband for Sustainable Development" and will be represented by Mr Faris Awartani, Member of the Board, who will be speaking in the second session on 23 March 2015. 

The event is organized by the ITU with the collaboration of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Jordan and represent a great opportunity for high-level dialogue between the BDT and the ITU Members States and Sectors Members.

Mr Awartani will be discussing the NBN policies in MENA region for a sustainable broadband development.

To learn more contact info@ftthcouncilmena.org